Our Platform

The Penrose platform is a rational, chemistry-driven model exploiting the bio-redox states of malignant cells.

The model involves multiple scientific divisions: medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, protein chemistry, cell & molecular biology, and in vivo studies. Based on this model several new molecular entities have been designed and currently are being tested in high throughput screening on various cancers. It is a platform with potential broad application across multiple tumor types – a universal chemistry driven anticancer platform.

Our Scientific Divisions

Chemistry Division

Medicinal Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Process Chemistry

Biology Division

Cell Biology

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Cellular Imaging Division

Clinical Imaging

Fluorescence Imaging

Live-cell Imaging

Pharmacology Division

In Vivo Xenografts

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

High-Throughput Screening Division

High-Throughput Drug Screening