The Penrose leadership team is responsible for bringing our mission to life.

David Sherris, Ph.D.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. David Sherris brings over three decades of experience to the Penrose table in translational medicine involving basic research, pharmaceutics and diagnostics.

Christopher W. Schutt

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Schutt has over a decade of experience in balance sheet optimization, corporate finance, investment banking, and business development with publicly traded and privately held financial institutions ranging from $250 million to $25 billion in assets. He is also a founding member of Penrose TherapeuTx.

Anna Lombardo

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ms. Lombardo has more than a decade of progressive experience in human resources, operations and finance.

Jared Honn

Vice President of Operations

Mr. Honn has over 18 years of business management experience, including project and staff management, client and investor relations, marketing, information technology and web development.

Ashapurna Sarma, Ph.D.

Principle Scientist, in vitro Biology Team

Dr. Sarma has over a decade of experience in multidisciplinary areas of cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics and imaging.

Weijiang Ying, Ph.D.

Principle Scientist, Analytical Team

Dr. Ying has over a decade of experience in multidisciplinary areas of analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and physical chemistry, focusing on small molecule design, synthesis, and qualitative & quantitative analyses.

Mounir Bendahmane, Ph.D

Principle Scientist, New Projects Team

Dr. Bendahmane is a neuroscientist with over 12 years of experience studying the nervous system, paying particular attention to the neuromodulation of the olfactory system.

Kathleen Maheras, Ph.D

Principle Scientist, in vivo Team

Dr. Maheras is an expert in mitochondrial isolation, molecular and cellular primer design, histological staining, vector design and cloning, PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR, and DNA isolation, among many other fields.