Our Mission & Values

Penrose TherapeuTX is guided by patient beneficence above all else.

Our mission is to improve cancer-related outcomes that are accompanied by an unmatched safety and efficacy profile for patients & their families in areas of high unmet need.

We are a chemistry-driven pharmaceutical company that employs a mechanistic and rational approach in bringing oncologic solutions to the patients of today and tomorrow.

Our core intellectual property employs an oncologic drug discovery strategy that views cancer as a pathological redox disease.


The complexities and nuances of oncologic basic science often serves as a crippling bottleneck in providing real translational benefit to the suffering cancer patients of today. Penrose TherapeuTX has adopted a parsimonious scientific approach, which guides its oncologic research discovery phase. This “Occam’s Razor” approach has allowed us not only to identify the critical underpinnings of all cancers that make them deadly, but in doing so allowed their exploitation with our novel Phenotypic Targeting Drug Discovery Strategy. We believe our approach affords cutting-edge therapies with an unmatched safety and efficacy profile. We have continued to exploit and take advantage of our initial discovery by expanding our research platform into many disease areas of unmet need that continue to plague our societies.

Patient Value

Over the past several decades, the treatment cost-to-benefit of new oncologic treatments has soared. Penrose wants to return to the basic pharmaceutical tenets of true patient treatment benefit-to-value by placing patient beneficence at the top of our strategic business model. We intend to induce a paradigm shift within the pharmaceutical industry by providing truly valuable options to patients & their families in areas of high unmet need. We envision a future pharmaceutical landscape where patient benefit and therapeutic cost are directly aligned.


Penrose is an organization comprised of highly motivated multi-disciplinary individuals, brought together by a shared commitment towards alleviating human suffering. We believe that our highly skilled and diverse set of dedicated individuals, united under a common mission, can help resolve some of our healthcare system’s challenges that have long been considered impossible.