Originally, the treatment’s efficacy was validated in a compassionate care clinical setting in terminal-staged cancer patients. The initial efficacy of the treatment coupled with the treatment’s continued compassionate care use paved the way towards a rigorous basic science and mechanistically driven understanding of the drugs’ synergistic properties.

In due course, a highly proprietary dose- and time-sequence formulated treatment protocol was made possible through a synchronized to and from “bedside-to-bench” drug discovery approach. This first of its kind method allowed real-time clinical data to guide the basic science, which in turn led to further treatment optimization for suffering patients.


Penrose is guided by patient beneficence above all else. Our mission is to improve cancer-related outcomes that are accompanied by an unmatched safety and efficacy profile for patients & their families in areas of high unmet need.

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Penrose is an organization comprised of highly motivated multi-disciplinary individuals, brought together by a shared commitment towards alleviating human suffering. We believe that our highly skilled and diverse set of dedicated individuals, united under a common mission, can help resolve some of our healthcare system’s challenges that have long been considered impossible.

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Penrose TherapeuTx is taking a collaborative, public-private approach with regard to the scientific research of its drug programs. In an effort to partner with the best intellectual and cultural fits in academia, the Company has or is in the process of establishing collaboration agreements with the following institutions.

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