Reprogramming the future of oncology for all patients


Penrose TherapeuTx is a U.S.-based pharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative small-molecule therapies for the treatment of advanced cancers. Penrose has pioneered the development of a novel Mitochondrial Modifying Agent (MMA) therapeutic platform designed to generate therapies for difficult to treat cancers through a unique cooperative mechanism of action. Our approach has potential broad applicability across both hematologic and solid tumors. 



Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and is projected to overtake heart disease as the number one killer by 2030. In fact, there are currently 17,000,000 people living with cancer today – a number almost the size of the NYC/Metro area – and 9,500,000 people will die of cancer each year. While there have been tremendous advances in early detection and great work by the drug development community, the numbers paint a picture of a problem that still needs solving.

In fact, a recent study from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) showed that the median overall survival (OS) benefit (indicating extra months of life) achieved among the nearly 75 therapies approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Stage IV cancer over the past 10 years was roughly 2.1 months above standards of care. For most patients, chemotherapy (a highly toxic & taxing treatment) remains the standard of care. More recent immunotherapies have demonstrated roughly 7–9-months in median OS benefit advancement for certain late-stage cancer patients and have become blockbuster drugs for the drug development industry. While this success should be celebrated, recent studies like the one by Haslam & Prasad call out that in the real world only 40% of patients are eligible for immunotherapies and less than 15% clinically benefit in the long run.

Simply put, we believe there is still a significant need for safe and effective therapies for the majority of late-stage cancer patients.

At Penrose, our therapeutic vision is to shift the paradigm of cancer treatment. Our goal is to reprogram the future of oncology for all patients. In the process, we will live our mission of truly realigning value amongst patients and the healthcare system at large.

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The Penrose science is focused on killing cancer cells in a novel way, with the potential to change the way advanced cancer is treated.